How and Where to Defuse The Joker Tanks in Fortnite x Batman

Gotham City, devoted to Batman, is finally open for future challenges. This mini-guide explains how to rapidly finish this task, by displaying you the position of the reservoirs: “Defuse the joker tanks at multiple locations.”

The locations shown on the chart are joker engines. Because of the problem to be solved by three of us, we chose to point you the areas nearest each other, so that the task can be completed as soon as feasible.

Disconnection of Joker shells (0/3) The position in which it is convenience to go to diffusing the Joker engines is shown in our chart at the edge of the section. In this situation, we recommend that you focus on the cylinders situated in Parco Pacifico, in the Sacking shores, in Gotham City, in Borgo Bislacco and the Stores Department, which lie in the south of Snob Beaches. All you have to do is to locate and defuse a Joker tank in one of these places, and re-operate in the two nearest places.

You can view the clip at the bottom if you need a graphic link to readily find the precise locations of all Joker rolls. We recall that, instead of speaking about other Benvenuto sides in Gotham City, in our websites Ignite Bat signals outside Gotham City have been clarified to you as well.