Latest Fortnite v10.40 leaked skins, items and cosmetics

Leakers and dataminers uncovered and examined numerous cosmetics from the upcoming update on the Sunday before the Fortnite 10.40 update on September 22.

We usually don’t have an insight into the latest cosmetics until a version is published, however, this time situations are different since the v10.40 cosmetics are accessible days before the release.

There are a lot of back pickaxes, pickaxes and skins to dig in, so just plunge in and see.

The upcoming v10.40 revision disclosed new products.

Also, another leaked v.10.40 loading screen.

These fresh cosmetic products, discovered by ShiinaBR, MaxWineBach and FunGameLeaks, appear to be taking common forms, such as and the leader of the Team Cuddle.

Further: We’ve had several pickaxes and side blinds outside skins, not to forget the spilled charge screes showing the skins in practice. In the case of Batman Event Challenge all places in Fortnite for Joker Gas.

A few gliders and a music bunch are also coming, so if you need some fresh equipment from the product store it seems that there is a good deal to think forward to.

Sadly we don’t know what to expect in terms of the direction or map changes in the next application, so we’re going to have to wait for the real update.

We may be looking for more cosmetics once the application effectively starts, but that is what we are looking for right now. All of the downloaded cosmetics and charging displays in Fortnite v10.40

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We don’t understand exactly when to register but Epic Games would be updated on Thursday if it kept up with the shipping timetable they’ve used in the past.

The updates came a Tuesday over most of Season 10, but it looks as though with two updates on Thursday, this is going to be the situation.

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