Will Esports be in the olympics, Ninja explains

On his promo tournament for his latest novel’ Get Good’ the Mixer star Tyler’ Ninja’ Blevins was asked his own views on esports being a part of the Olympics

Ninja has one hell a year with its profitable Mixer agreement, which saw that the Fortnite titan is blowing up the sector, leaving Twitch to its rival in Microsoft’s possession. On August 20, he also published his novel Get Good, which soon became a best-seller.

However, while supporting his new book in New York, TMZ asked the famous streamer about the challenges facing esports in becoming an Olympic event, and the response was intriguing.

Tokyo will host the 2020 Olympics. Is it possible to add esports?

Whilst wandering around New York City, Ninja was prevented by Paparazzi who asked him his ideas about esports and Olympics. Sports become an Olympic sport.

“To get sports into the Olympics, what will it bring? The 2024 matches are regarded as a show sport. What do you believe will be taken as an official Olympic sport for athletics?”According to the cameraman.

The Fortnite pro replied insightfully and said, “For me, I think it’s just going to be time. I think that obviously the younger generation who enjoys esports and enjoys watching video games, eventually that’s what they are going to want.

The Paparazzi then mentioned that activities like skateboarding had to take place around a long time before it lastly was included in the Olympics, and questioned, if esport could take so long and whether it might be added by the year 2020, because of its popularity.”

“I wouldn’t put that out. I would not say that. I’ll just give it some moment, I’ll offer it a little time and sport will be there.”