Toreba crane game scams twitch streamer xQc

Felix ‘ xQc’ is a popular Twitch streamer known for his over-the-top reactions and Overwatch play, but it wasn’t overwatch that stirred him up during a September 20 flow.

While a former Dallas Fuel player, xQc isn’t just an Overwatch junkie, it broadcasts a range of matches for its public, including GTA V, Minecraft and CS: GO, or online TWitch videos.
Lengyel also introduced to his product collection during a television show of 20 September, testing Toresba, a distant lift match system that enables participants to use the convenience of their house to attempt their side at the UFO catcher.

Toreba is a famous distant crane game company that allows UFO catchers to be played from home.

Crane matches are not, as so many participants understand, a cakewalk and many involve certain approaches (and hours in front of the casino) to gain.

After picking up a ping-pong ball with a claw machine, the streamer seemed to have a victory in the pocket. The strain in his face was evident as the device sidelined to the left to hover over the destination point-and failed to tap the ball, which remained connected to its prong.

“WHAT?” Responding to the loss, xQc shouted that the match was just a scam to swindle competitors out of their cash. “I have finished! I’ve finished! Scammed! Scammed! It’s damn garbage! It’s being magnetized. This is evidence. This has been magnetized!”

While xQc may not be the God of a crane, it doesn’t stop his hands from attempting on other titles; but at moments, during its rant at another player during his CS: GO Session on 2 September, he grows similarly disappointed by these matches.

“I’ve never stopped the game before,” yelled the streamer after a fellow player chose to stop their game. “I never requested for a break, I’m never going to ask for a break. Tell me, therefore, why do you stop matches with what is in the mental mind of shit like you? Tell me the hell!”It feels like xQc always has large responses in shop regardless of the match-although these responses do not always correlate with dubs, as with his unsuccessful Toreba experience.