This new update in CS:GO allows you to practice grenade throws

In the recent Counter-Strike version, an extremely helpful fresh training function was introduced.

The match has been introduced to three new console instructions intended to assist games to practice some of the trickier grenade runs from CSGO. The commands can not be used in informal or professional matchmaking, but the method of testing with smoke, flash, and Molotov placements should be significantly accelerated.

Cl grenade review is the first order, which provides participants with a continuous overview of where their grenade will fall once it is tossed. This is used to offer participants a real glance at how a grenade bounces and where it ends up landing.

That makes cl grenade review strong for short or medium-range grenades, but another new command, cl sim grenade trajectory, is much better for long-range throws or those that won’t arrive in the sightline of competitors. As the title indicates, if dropped from the present crosshair positioning, this demonstrates an overview of the trajectory of a grenade.

This is perfect for pre-deployment difficult smoke and Molotov drops flying over ceilings or other obstructions. It should be noted that this also operates significantly quicker than existing grenade throwing practices, as it provides a precise picture of where the grenade will fall without pausing for the grenade to fall, activate, and clean before attempting another toss.

Sv, rethrow the last grenade is the ultimate order. This enables participants to have the last grenade toss redone automatically without needing to drop it on their own. This is especially helpful for flash grenades as a user can drop it, push forward, and then use the order to evaluate its efficacy from various perspectives.

There was another small one made in the patch, altering the behavior tree to support free-for-all modes for deathmatch bots. In deathmatch, improved bot AI is being tested and this should enhance and accelerate the method.