This is why PUBG and Fortnite mobile players shouldn’t update to IOS 13

If you are a PUBG or Fortnite player, don’t upgrade to iOS 13 on your iPhones or iPads. Here’s why: Depending on how you play these (and other) games, a new feature in the update is potentially game-breaking.

A fresh press-and-hold three-finger function intended to improve text editing can interrupt your match meeting, and many portable gamers are already upsetting.

“We are aware of an issue for players who upgraded to iOS 13.0, where touching the screen with 3 fingers will trigger an iOS function and interrupt the game.

“We have already raised the issue with Apple, and we will continue working with them to resolve the issue. We suggest players who play the game with 3 or more fingers do not upgrade to iOS 13.0 until this issue is resolved.

“Thank you for your understanding.

The problem occurs when users perform matches like PUBG and Fortnite with more than two thumbs. There’s a bunch going on in these matches and it often requires at least three thumbs to be prepared to target, push and grab objects. This can result in the fresh sms feature opening up mid-gamewith iOS 13, which in fact can contribute to your very premature (and angry) demise.

Hopefully there’s a fix for this in the iOS 13.1 update (up a week to September 24th) but for now: don’t consider updating to the recentiOS variant if you’re planning to play these games— or other matches that might involve three hands to touch the panel at the same moment.