Fortnite officially announces Fortnite x Batman collaboration

Epic Games has formally verified a Batman crossover for Fortnite: Battle Royale on Friday evening via Twitter, and on YouTube, there is already a video placeholder detailing precisely when the release video is going to go live.

The tweet, as well as the YouTube video, verify that the event “Fortnite X Batman” will start at 8 a.m. Saturday, September 21, Eastern. “Watch the premiere tomorrow, September 21 at 8AM ET to receive a free in-game prize!”Read the YouTube picture.

Why on the 21st of September? That’s Batman Day, an annual holiday set up by DC Comics in 2014 to celebrate Batman’s 75th-anniversary appearance in Detective Comics volume 1, number 27 back in 1939. This crossover is probably a celebratory advertising stunt straight organized by DC Comics to mark the 80th birthday of Batman, and a crossover with Fortnite is the go-to technique of encouraging just about anything to a younger audience. Real-life Bat signals in towns around the world will design the famous sign of Batman against different structures to celebrate the Dark Knight.

Epic Games tweeted a confirmation 24 hours prior to the live event.
Epic Games published a fresh limited-time challenge collection called “Gothic” on Thursday, and the Week 8 loading screen attached to these difficulties feels a lot like Gotham City. But even before that, data miners checked at version 10.31 update from previously this week and discovered explicitly Batman-themed leaked cosmetics and products.

Fans may predict a movie clip starring Batman himself when the event goes live. When the third “Gothic” challenge unlocks around the same moment, participants will have to unlock the loading screen displaying Gotham City for the first moment. Most supporters expect Tilted to be momentarily replaced by Gotham City as a fresh Rift Zone.

Data miners like Lucas7yoshi also found Batman crossover-specific difficulties involving two fresh guns — Explosive Batarangs and Batman Grapnel Gun— along with some manner to communicate with Bat Signals.