Player suggests secret map in new Modern Warfare beta

TheGamingRevolution has asserted that Infinity Ward has secretly placed custom matches for Modern Warfare inside the beta.

Modern Warfare’s cross-platform beta is now online, enabling PS4, Xbox One and PC users to interact with each other for the first moment in the illustrious history of the franchise.

Players can presently bring on their enemies in Headquarters, Team Deathmatch, Cyber Attack, and Gunfight styles, but the designers of the game have concealed custom matches inside the beta, according to TheGamingRevolution.

According to allegations, Infinity Ward has concealed custom matches within the Modern Warfare beta.

TheGamingRevolution clarified in a tweet published on September 19 that the beta has an unresolved “Easter egg” that would give users access to custom matches.

The mode would have “all weapons, all modes, all perks, (and) all killstreaks,” according to the leaker, but would presumably only include the maps currently featured in the game and not the full list of them.
As to how users can unlock it, YouTuber says: “It needs a mixture of buttons in the menu,” although he did not show what players would have to do to achieve access.

In the Modern Warfare Beta, the unsolved Easter egg is gaining access to custom match, with all guns, all styles, all perks, all killstreaks available.

It’s something in the menu that needs a mixture of buttons. #ModernWarfare Infinity Ward has yet to confirm TheGamingRevolution’s claim, but in the past it has leaked incredibly accurate Modern Warfare information, revealing successfully that the game would have a 2v2 mode called Gunfight, and was right about the beta having a level cap of 10 when it was launched.

Modern Warfare wouldn’t be the first game to use button combinations to unlock stuff in the primary menu, with the iconic Konami Code that gave players 30 extra lives on Contra’s NES variant, still a common gambling joke.

No one was able to crack the alleged code at the time of writing, but if someone manages to figure out the combination, we will be sure to keep you updated.