Batman x Fortnite is coming soon

The Caped Crusader will probably appear soon in Fortnite

Although v10.3.1’s patch notes were published, Dark Knight or anything related were not mentioned. The community has, however, excavated a significant number of items, weapons and map changes associated with the investigator and his hometown.

In a haystack of Tilted Town the Batman Calling Card (Batarang) was discovered.

Despite Batman’s aversion to weapons for some time, there seems to be no issue in assisting Tilted Town inhabitants with his own devices.

The Bat also gave the victim his secret wardrobe. It will likely occur in black or very light gray sometimes. Will Batman take the mythical skin therapy and fight John Wick, the most prolific gun user in the galaxy?

His town is not too far behind, as the World’s best detective joins the fight. Gotham City is obviously going to appear, finish with the Bat-signal. For the length of the case, the criminal center will probably substitute Tilted Town.

This year’s Batman Day will be September 21, 80 years after the first mention of the character in Detective Comics #27. It’d certainly be a nice time to start Fortnite celebrations.