How to discover Fortnite’s secret Season 10, week 8 Battle star

A secret Battle Star concealed all over the map can now be completed during the eighth week of Fortnite Battle Royale tasks.

Fortnite took off from the difficulties of introducing tasks in the 10th semester, publishing a fresh collection every week. Players can only finish tasks for a restricted period rather than a whole summer, so there is a time limit.

Fans at a whole fresh convergence case between D.C were greeted on September 19. Batman and Fortnite as Tilted converted momentarily into the city of Gotham through a beacon rift.

Players completing three’ Gothic’ tasks will unlock a loading screen showing the location of the hidden combat star.

Looking into the loader panel, the numbers of “G2, G3, H2, H3” are engraved in the stones of one of the gargoyle figures. That’s where the flag is going to be.

THE flag is on the north side of the chart, which is highlighted for you below, at the bottom of the four warm springs.

Once the teams have collected the star, they will be awarded a special star for their 10-season Battle Pass.

Fortnite’s 10th series is only two weeks off, and we haven’t learned much about Season 11. Do you have any hypotheses about which activity will take place in Season 11?