FORTNITE: Epic replies to Storm Circles and Rift Zones controversies

Epic Games replied to concerns from supporters in Fortnite that the final Storm Circle will not finish in a rift zone.

Fortnite’s version 10.31 Update took place live on Wednesday, September 18, and included a change that would prevent the ending of the Storm Circles in Rift Zone locations to try and keep the end-game portion as balanced as possible.

Throughout Season 10 these Rift areas have emerged and brought home standard points of interest for the player with weird gameplay twists such as Taco Time at Greasy Grove, forcing participants to play uncontrollably, or Moisty Palms, forcing games to turn into extras.

Back after the patch though, several Reddit users complained that at the start of the match they were still being husbandled to these places, venting their frustration that Epic seemed to have said that, but did not.

Now the creators of the popular royal battle game have addressed this issue, stating that the mechanic doesn’t function as much as anticipated.

The changes affect only the final circle of the game and not its final location, according to the/u / gstaff Epic of the /r / Fortnite Competitive Subdivision, meaning the final point of interest you can end up in a rift area and the move circle can even pass through it until it reaches its last target outside it.
The shift of layout in our pocket allows us to list some places from the position of the last ring.

The previous rift areas presently include: Moisty Palms, Greasy Grove, Tilted, Retail Row, Pressure Plant.

The Fans of the match have unexpectedly been angry with this choice, with/u / samhatescardio saying: “The last ring, literally? How does that fix the issues like Taco Time deaths if moving zones prior to the very last one can end in Rift Zones?”
 Then why bother? All of these gimmicks at this stage will be killed by the strange gimmicks. Thanks for clarification anyway.

Reddit customer Mattalmao decided that before providing a alternative for himself,’ Change is useless’ and suggested that Epic should simply switch off the impacts after the fifth area.
It continues to be understood that many supporters of the battle royal match believe that designers have not done enough to resolve the problem with this update to see if epic games re-evaluate the mechanic following the reaction.