Fortnite Season 10 ‘Storm Racer’ challenges for Week 8 leaked

Epic Games added a brand new set of Missions to Fortnite in Season 10 every week, and thanks to the work of data miners, we can take an early look at the challenges of Storm Racer launched on September 19.

Epic Games developers would add seven total challenges to the game each week in previous seasons, but decided by introducing Missions to freshen up the system.

These missions boast 14 challenges divided into two sections, normal and prestige, and offer to those who complete them XP and Battle Pass stars, and often reward players who manage to finish all 14 with special cosmetic items.

Fortnite players are going to spend a lot of time in Week 8 around the storm.

While the Missions will not release until Thursday, September 19, data miner @archer fortnite trawled through the files and items included in the update v10.30 and was able to find the challenges of Season 10, Week 8.
These tasks are called “Storm Racers,” and players spend a lot of time in the storm of Fortnite, which is used to define the play area and shrink the map as the match continues.

Fans of the game who are facing these challenges will have to harm players in the storm, visit the center of the storm circles, and even heal themselves using one of Fortnite’s consumable items while sitting inside the storm.
The leaked Season 10, Week 8 Storm Racer Missions are available for viewing below.

The rewards for these challenges have yet to be confirmed, but some 50 Battle Stars and 8,000 XP are likely to be offered to those who complete 10 of the 14 tasks, as these were the Week 7 Missions awards given by Epic Games.

These challenges are, of course, leaked, so developers may choose to remove or alter some of them before they finally go live on September 19.