With his fresh team, Tfue wins Fortnite Series Championship Week 5

Turner “Tfue” Tenney won the Fortnite Championship Series five-race yesterday with his team after breaking up his team of Dennis “cloakzy” Lepore and Thomas “72hrs” Mulligan.

He took back a total of 60,000 $for his first place in the race and competed for the Fortnite championship series finals from 20 to 22 Sept. Tfue and his fresh teammates–”Khanda” and team liquid qualifier Alex “Fibre” Bonetello.

Tfue divided recently with his former FaZe Clan team member cloakzy, due to a sponsoring agreement that they both got to stream Madden NFL 20. Tfue said he handed over $140,000 down to exercise for the FNCS, but instead of exercise, cloakzy took the agreement and broadcast the match. 72 hours and cloakzy said they attempted to get in touch with Tfue but got no notice.

The fresh group of Tfue reached 124 marks yesterday, 2 ahead of the finishers in the second position. In the same way, Giersdorf and his group, who ended fifth in the Fortnite World Cup, completed solo winner Kyles “Bugha.”

Fans were deceptive that Tfue did not stream the gameplay with his colleagues. On September 13, Tfue produced apparent that because of private factors he would take some time off from streaming.

Unlike Tfue, the FNCS has struggled in the cloakzy and 72 hours as they are several times disconnected. But along with their fresh team-mate Owen “Animal” Wright, they still qualified for the FNCS Finals.