Rumors of Community Day Pokemon Go October event

There is less than one month away from Pokemon Go October Community Day and coaches do not know who is going to be the headline for Pokemon.

It was not a secret that Turtwig would be the final headliner in September, even before it was announced. It’s because of Niantic’s more and more familiar pattern of starting Pokemon for odd months.

So far, each generation and Pokedex number have passed through the beginners. This means that we can expect to see the title of Chimchar’s Community Day in November.

But as we’re back to a month, it’s difficult for Pokemon trainers to guess who’ll be leading October.

We know it’lln’t be a Pokemon starter, and Niantic will evolve more than once if he continues in the same way that he did.

Could October be a good opportunity to seize Flygon? POKEMON FANDOM

Time for Trapinch at last?

For the better part of 2019 even months, trapinch has been rumored to be community days for the likes of Ralts and Slakoth.

The harmless Pokemon look on the ground is not at first glance very threatening, but evolves into the mighty Flygon. Although it is not really a flying Pokemon, but a dual ground and a dragon type, it has no name whatsoever.

Can Gible be it?

Gible and its evolved forms, like Flygon, are double soil and dragon types. Also. The Pokemon shark is a favorite trainer fan and is not common at Pokemon Go.

It was added in a batch of Gen 4 additions in May 2019. It remained, however, a rare spawn and was sometimes in the 10 km egg pool.

We can expect a Gible CD until 2020, but trainers still hope to see it in October, although it may not be likely compared to Trapinch.

The Gible developed into Gabite, before its last developments in Garchomp. INTERNATIONAL POKEDEX Gible…

Other competitors?

Since December 2018 we have not watched a feature in Kanto Pokemon on a community day and this even was part of a year-end event that saw several Pokemons. You have to go home for the last time, right, to August 2018 and Eevee.

Rhyhorn, Porygon and Abra are some classic pokemon options-but the first two break the rule of both developed shapes.

On October 12th the Pokemon Go October Community Day – The Niantic Headliner should be announced in the next couple of days.