Minecraft has over 110 million active players per month now

Fortnite may still have a public interest in the lion’s share, but it does not imply the other gaming phenomenon is hurt.

In an interview with Business Insider, Microsoft’s Helen Chiang said that Minecraft currently has 112 million registered users every month, an increase of 20 million over October 2018 numbers. This involves users on all systems, including those who perform the game on an Xbox Game Pass, but for a game that has been around for about a century, this is not a tiny accomplishment.

It’s a name that’s “keep coming home to” Chiang partially defined by virtue of the artistic always-green status of the game. You might shoot Fortnites or other matches to be the highlight, but then there is a true possibility that you will come home to Minecraft build houses and trenches.
There are also other variables that are probably crucial.

In addition to its omnipresence on different systems, blockable graphics and simple mechanics from Minecraft create it easy to play on modestly equipped appliances whether it’s a budget PC or a smartphone. You can invest a small quantity on hardware and still have a good experience.

Many of these 100 million active players didn’t even touch the single-player, Best Game Hosting completed a study showing that most Minecraft players will actively play on servers. At the moment, there are thousands of the best Minecraft server hosting providers.

The task for Microsoft at this time is to maintain the game. As ray tracks and other efforts to split up the look, the increased truth of Minecraft Earther helps. That’s not evident, however.┬áRoblox has just topped 100 million players monthly (78,3 million users reported in August 2018), and Fortnite may not be far off. There may not be much to catch the cultural timeline for other matches.