LaNm returns to coaching for Keen Gaming

Keen Gaming is just one of many teams that will give a fresh look to his roster for the upcoming Dota Pro Circuit 2019-20. The squad produced three enormous steps to finalize their lineup, putting in two large names in Liu “Kamma” Chang and Zhang “LaNm” Zhicheng, as well as remembering Jiang “along with” An, who was on probation.

After VGJ Thunder folded after The International 2018, Kanma spent the last semester working with both DeathBringer Gaming and Team Aster. While winning the JBO Asian Masters League with Aster, Kanma and his squad have taken down Newbee 3-2.

After abandoning DeathBringer for Royal Never Give Up, LaNm had a very good season. That squad put seventh at TI9, but it was prominent after his departure from the case to speak about the iconic athlete transitioning back to a coaching position.

LaNm coached Vici Gaming most of 2017 before entering the list later as a player, a chance with Keen as he takes over the position of head coach. His nearly ten-year career at Dota and his numerous high-tech placements will give the organisation even more expertise.

He’s been on Keen’s inactive list since the squad failed to qualify for TI8, but after working this season with EHOME and Team Sirius, he’s been taken home to fourth place.

The final part of the puzzle arose when Keen sent Wang home to EHOME and published Hu “Kaka” Liangzhi, “ancient pig” Zhiyong and Ren “eLeVeN” Yangwei. This change again launched the three-position, which was rapidly completed by the captain of the team, Runxi’s Song “dark” taking back his ancient position offlane.

Beginning with Chai “Mushi” Yee Fung’s signing, Keen produced it apparent that they were constructing a squad with a combination of homegrown, youthful talent, and professional knowledge. Zhai “like” Jingkai and dark are the only surviving participants from the 13th TI9 team. It is the only player on the list that has not previously reached an International.

The competitors for the season’s first DPC activities start on Oct. 5, with Keen likelihood to join the national Chinese.