Fortnite fails to show how Taco Time can lead to a rapid death

Fortnite players are still getting used to the modifications v10.30 that launched Greasy Grove but this time with a taco restaurant that lets participants dance to the Taco Time festival, but some individuals are catching off-guard impacts.

Epic Games has always incorporated wild or fresh mechanics into the royal fight, but with their bizarre mechanics, Season 10 has seen a spike of questionable modifications.

Some of the greatest issues have been the BRUTE mechs, the Turbo Builds nerf at one moment, and the like. While some of these get patched out, some mechanics still exist that give players a hard time in the match.

Although Reddit user ‘boredbuthey’ reveals how the deliberate mechanic of Taco Fiesta might have unwanted outcomes in specific circumstances that do not involve fighting.

From now on, Fortnite fans know that going near Greasy Grove will produce a “smell that’s so overwhelmingly appetizing that players in the Zone can’t assist but dance.” But the Redditor discovered themselves in a peculiar situation where they tried to join the Zone through a glider but were snatched by Taco Time’s terrifying impacts.

While it seems they’ve had a definite path away from Greasy Grove, they’ve chosen to break it down while using a Glider. But the impacts of the POI disabled their glider, bringing it down and ultimately eliminating it from the match.
Epic Games advised in the 10.30 patch notes that “playing does not prevent Storm Damage or regenerate Health in the Storm.” Although it seems that the user was ready for that fact, it does not seem that they were hoping to be carried out of their Glider while maneuvering out of the Storm.
The video gave rise to criticism of the place and its capacity to bring players into a craze fuelled by Taco.

“The only trigger for me is that when you’re in the atmosphere, it disables your glider,” one person stated. “My landing was once destroyed. Other than that, because it utilizes the same mechanic as the boogie bomb. “It’s going to be exciting to see how Epic Games will either expand or eliminate these mechanics depending on community feedback in the future.