Apex Legends employee trolls players in game chat

Apex Legends employee trolls players in game chat

Chris Edgerly, the voice of Apex Legends ‘ ever-optimistic MRVN robot, has come back with another parody of Pathfinder, and it’s funny.

The battle royale of Respawn Entertainment has a variety of personalities to choose from. With each Legend wearing their own ability category, Apex Legends is unlike its competitors in that choice of characters is crucial to a game’s results.

From a Toxic Trapper to a Holographic Trickster, each personality emerges with its own quirks promoting relatability and eventually leading to a bias in choice.

One fan-favorite is Pathfinder, whose cheerful perspective on finding their creator’s task has kept many hooked on the distinctive image of the MRVN robot.

Pathfinder’s voice actor, Chris Edgerly, has earlier acquired traction from Apex Legends supporters when he uploaded to his YouTube channel a gameplay clip played by him as his own personality.
Now, with a rib-tickling skit, the charismatic voice actor has surfaced, leaving his colleagues (again) speechless.
Edgerly starts by describing Slum Lakes ‘ shabby scenery by saying: “Wow, that’s the last music festival we’ve got here.” He keeps describing Mozambique, looking at the shotgun and jesting “attempt not to walk in that!”The voice actress even brought a subreddit to the Apex Legends where he left a Pathfinder-Esque remark:” I get the impression that it’s going to be almost difficult to get into a random team that’s supposed to run into a group and allow their sound without believing something’s going on.

“But I can still appreciate the game and select some features (or lowlights, if you’re focusing on my gameplay) and share them with you, Friends!” The former stand-up comic book has a comprehensive resume, as it was earlier featured infamous video game franchises such as Call of Duty, Halo and Final Fantasy, while also voicing Mr Waffle from The Simpsons.