Why has Dota 2 seen a wave of cheaters

Following The International 2019, the Dota 2 competitive scene has become slow decline. Public matches are still in full force, and the gaps showed that players abused the game recently, whether through scripts, hacks or the new matchmaking system.

The Dota 2 report has always had a deep sense of competitiveness and community. While some take the cooperative look to go higher, many just turn to the most easy way of getting better than the other nine players. There have been matchmaking and mafacks in the game since DotA started in Warcraft 3 as a dingy model. Valve’s inclination to allow an exciting community to settle out itself has merits — this is why there are even tournaments like Midas Mode 2.0. But failure to govern also allows people to exploit the faults of the system.

Several players abuse a spam script command that causes other players to lag a great deal. 00:4601:01 Powernetted by Minute Media Area If enough players crash, the result of the game won’t count, basically turning it into a “save the script free” card.

While there is a little mistake in the situation with cheaters, the problem remains that scripts and hacks are easily accessible and useful in the game. Whereas Valve is not adverse to baning hammers, most cheaters are permitted for long time in comparison with other competitive matches to execute their reign of terror. It is difficult for other players to properly delete wrongdoers without a supervisory system such as CS: GO’s Overwatch, the Valve Other Sports.

On the other hand, since its inception the smurfs have plagued Dota 2. Players create a different ID to fight newbies and usually crush them to rise quickly. Although this can be just an ego trip, it is also a company that quickly “boosts” accounts and sells them to those who want them to show off. It is also common for pros with stars such as Artour “Arteezy” Babaev and Roman “RAMZES666” Kushenarev who usually use them to make faster matches or heroes.

For every competitive game, Smurfs will always be a problem. Whether someone has created another account to punch lower players or boost an additional payday, the changes in Valve’s match have significantly increased. After a certain amount of games, a new account can be playing.

Once Turbos came out in a game mode, the Dota 2 experience was promoted faster and faster. Smurfs and boosters have seen the mode to build eligible accounts and allow new accounts to be pushed out in record time.

Valve is currently implementing an experimental matchmaking change by removing solo and party MMRs. Solo MMR was historically appreciated more than a party. Single classification can reach higher medals and possibly take the lead, whereas party MMR was permanently captured by the divine medal.

Smurfs and boosters can now play in a party together, which makes it even easier to crush public matches for these players. You can really take part in a party made up entirely of smurfs and it will still affect your “true” MMR.

High-level players and pro players have become more and more involved in smurfs. For these exceptionally skilled players, solo queueing takes hours. While several pros have adjusted and finished, immortal players who still prefer solos will be stranded on the island of the match.

The community has been split in the middle of the experiment, as with any update. Rankings were generally praised, but players and pros abused the roles to get quicker queues. The parties have fought for some ridiculously highly-skilled stacks but also made the queuing of a solo-simulator worse than the DMV.

In addition to the evident need for better hacker detection techniques, Valve has to evaluate the current system’s success. Valve has tried various incarnations of classified matches to date, but none of them have reached as far as the present one. It depends entirely on the developers whether core and support MMR will remain or more severe punishment will be imposed on players who misuse the system.

Although overweight supervision can be suffocating, it gives more unsavory players the lack of moderation. With the recent communication efforts of Valve, fans can hope that a successful solution for the complaints of the community can only be found.