Double token drop weekend, Overwatch League enables

The Overwatch League gives fans an opportunity this weekend to gain additional tokens by merely viewing two playoffs on Twitch for week three of the season.

For each hour of show watched on Twitch, spectators normally receive three tokens. In addition, every hour a proportion of fortunate spectators will receive a further 100 tokens. Starting at 2 pm CT with today’s campaign between the Hangzhou Spark and the San Francisco Shock, competitors will receive double tokens by fitting in to the stream.

Fans only have two days to unlock the legendary skin of Flying Ace Winston, the first skin of the Overwatch League Championship, before the cosmetic item on Sept. 16 is vaulted. The skin honors one of London Spitfire’s league winners and depicts the tank hero in the uniform of an orange and baby blue pilot with a couple of submarines on his rear.

The skin of the Championship is not only a celebration of the victory of the London Spitfire in season one, but also a nod to the British Spitfire pilots who flew in World War II. The lush mustache of Flying Ace Winston symbolizes the popular choice of style found on pilots during the period of time, and its Spitfire-inspired jets resemble those taken to the skies during the war.

Fans can attach the skin for 200 Overwatch League tokens to their set. Players will have to move into the Overwatch League tab from the primary menu of the game to obtain the skin. Players can buy the skin under the Overwatch League choice from there.
Today at 2 pm CT, the Hangzhou Spark is taking on the San Francisco Shock. The match’s winner will then move on to face the New York Excelsior in the game at 2 pm CT tomorrow.