Call of Duty Modern Warfare beta is now out on PS4

For all users who preordered the game, the 1st “weekend” of the anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer beta is now live on PlayStation 4. The PlayStation Plus is available for download from the Ps4 shop.

The first beta is scheduled until 16 September. The second beta phase will follow from 19 to 23 september. For those who have pre-ordered Modern Warfare the first two days are available and all PS4 users will have the last two days open.

The shooter for the first person will have various fresh characteristics such as operators, charts, match styles, gunsmiths and others. The 1st weekend will allow players limited access to the Call of Duty cycle to taste what will follow.

Activision said that during every beta era it will supply several additions to the material, so users can receive adjustments from the playlist. Various charts can be switched and new ones substituted.  New match models could include the two-vs-two, the six-vs-6, the 10-vs-10 and the 20-vs-20 fights, both infected and highly anticipated.

Earlier today, Russian Minotaur operator was disclosed. He belongs to the Spetsnaz group and throughout the software teams can use this personality.
A forerunner for what’s to follow is Modern Warfare Beta. It will enable Acitivison to measure the reaction and input from the audience on 25 October.