Apex Legends devs react to another important sound glitch

Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends developers have lastly resolved a significant noise problem that plagued the match and made games unable to know their rivals.

As one of the worlds most famous royal battles, Apex legends has endured very few significant bugs since its launch in February 2019 that destroy those who choose to jump in the King’s Canyon environment.

An enormous problem which confronted the play was the sound problems. Players have regularly complained of “come and go” sounds in their footsteps, and on 12 September in the Reddit article/u / Fadenkreuzjohn said sounds were heard from or behind them.

Players complain that they can not detect noises just before or behind them. They complain.
/u / Fadenkreuzjohn writes in the article, “It seems as though my noise in-game is bugged since I uploaded an extension to Apex today. Behind me, and straight before me, I know nothing. The user verified that it had inspected its audio engines and settings as well, but he had no success. I had to take 15 degrees to the left or to the right to find noise in front of me, and then the noise seems to be coming from a 90-degree angle.

Fortunately, Respawn has discussed this problem and Garza RSPN the Community Manager assures those unhappy that he will pass the posting to his video squad, because that’s a “very large problem,” and the article will assist “clutter it down.” And thank you, Cheers!”Many commentators have even found a way to solve that, although Respawn wants to fix it on the customer’s side so others don’t have to do the same, reversing the September 10 Windows update solved the issue at its start.

The designers could not provide a feasible solution for time-lines, but they should bode well for a chip in the close future, since they are conscious of and already operating on it