The new TFT Patch 9.19 is revealed by Riot.

Riot Games have shown that Kai’Sa will be Teamfight Tactics ‘ next new League of Legends Champion.

Riot recently released the TFT news, with the 9.19 Patch notes.

Kai’Sa enters TFT as a tier 5 unit, which costs 5 gold, and is also one of the few champions with three features rather than two. She is scheduled to play the Patch 9.19 live game, which is scheduled for September 25th.

Kai’s Origin is of course void, but in class, it will help–and take advantage of –the Ranger and Assassin bonuses, opening up some unparalleled new composition options.

Her ultimate ability in Teamfight Tactics, a Killer Instinct, is going to allow her to rip the farthest enemy by a few seconds and to gain a shield and a lot of attack speed.

Kai’Sa will have the highest basic attack speed in this game, according to Lead Modes designer Riot Mort, making it perfect for use with items that benefit from attacks.

“The AD base of Kai’Sa is lower, but the base attack speed of the game will be higher. Perfect to stack or get Stattik Shiv in the end game as fast as possible. She can also jump quickly around the map and avoid dangerous situations. Rangers are not locked in the corner any more!”The Riot also adjusts the way it works slightly with the addition of Kai’Sa as a late-game carry in the Void class. From patch 9.19, it will be like the Imperial bonus and picks one Void unit to make true damage when two are on the field.

Kai’Sa is ready to take a Public Beta Environment (PBE) test right away, giving players the opportunity to test it prior to the 9.19 update.