Riot investigates a bug in which TFT units charge more gold than there value

The community seems to be plagued by a new Teamfight Tactics bug swallowing the gold of teams. Riot has recognized and is researching the problem.

Today, in a Reddit post, players broadcast their frustrations, stating that purchasing devices cost them additional gold than the cost shown. When games upgrade their vehicles, the problem appears to happen.

Multiple players have verified that it requires additional gold to upgrade some vehicles from stage one to two.

“Two matches have occurred to me,” said one contestant. “I’m not convinced what I tried the first match I just believed I made my calculations right then the second match I upgraded a Shyvana and the final Shyvana finished up paying five gold instead of three.” Gold is the core of the autobattler’s approach and an significant commodity. Any bug-eating gold from games can significantly interfere with gameplay and lead games to miss League Points (LP).
Commenting on the article, TFT’s lead developer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer said designers are looking for a solution.

“We are researching this ASAP,” said Mortimer.
Eager TFT fans trying to reach the ladder of the class may want to exercise in normal exercise until the bug is resolved.