Here’s when the PUBG mobile season 9 start

On September 13, the ninth season of the PUBG Mobile will bring you a new royal pass and an update of 0.14.5.

While season 8 may run until 13 September, season 8 of the Royal Pass is only open until 11 September. It is not possible the exact time when the new season begins but we should know this very soon.

The key feature of the update is the new Royal Pass which gives players the opportunity to get some fantastic skins, avatars, emotions and more. The season’s topic is “Warriors unite,” although Tencent has yet to confirm this.

This does not appear to be the case this time, as opposed to previous seasons, usually accompanied by some major updates. Tencent’s beta for Android and iOS recently released seemed to have nothing new. It was 0.14.5.

Many in the communities had hoped that this season Erangel 2.0 could fall. Erangel 2.0 is updated with many new graphical updates and texture changes on the original Erangel map. Players will, however, have to wait for the map for longer.

As anticipated, some new cosmetics have actually been released with the beta and should be included with the main update later this week.