‘Accidental nudity’ causes ban for Amouranth

During a Twitch livestream last evening, ASMR Twitch streamer Amouranth was banned from the Twitch platform.

At the time, Amouranth was doing a unique stream of ASMR with her dog. She sat down on her chamber ground and performed the neighbouring microphone with her dog, likely attempting to get some exciting noises for her spectators. Her skirt slid to the edge when she attempted to stand up, showing more than Twitch allowing streamers to see.

The moment’s video became famous on Reddit, likely prompting some spectators to inform her stream and trigger the prohibition.

Amouranth, with over one million supporters, is one of the largest ASMR streamers on Twitch. Also recognized for getting an older Patreon cosplay, she sometimes brings some of these cosplays to her Twitch channels in a less sexually suggestive manner to abide by the Terms of Service of the platform. Some of these channels are generally linked to objectives she lays for subscribers.

Twitch has a site devoted to sexual content in its Terms of Service, including nudity and sexually suggestive material, addressing what is prohibited when streaming. One of its parts states that “clothing designed to be sexually suggestive and nudity is banned.”

Amouranth has yet to disclose the ban’s duration. Twitch generally attempts to reward streamers based on the seriousness of the crime and how many occasions in the past they have been prohibited or imprisoned. Because the drop of Amouranth appears to be random, her prohibition is impossible to be continuous and supporters should be prepared to see her again quickly.