New reworked map potentially leaked for CS:GO

At the end of September, the restoration of the CS: GO chart will be disclosed, but the developer FMPONE teases some of the modifications he created in the region once again.

During the course of his work, FMPONE revealed a number of previews of certain chart fields, mostly concentrating on temporal modifications and fresh items and vision paths that participants will have. But now, his Twitter profile header shows new art.

The art is inspired by the Ukrainian café Pripyat, situated in the vicinity of the nuclear catastrophe of 1986 in Tschernobyl. Pripyat has now become a ghost town, but for CS: GO players, some are still present when Cache comes back.

When Vertigo was incorporated, Cache abandoned the active CS: GO location database in March. From then on the participants could not perform classified games on Cache and competitive competitions have left the chart. When the chart arrives, the skilled contests likely will not hold lengthy and another map could be switched.

CS: GO removal of charts for rework is sometimes done by Valve. This is done by the designer to make every game appealing to both casual and skilled players while preventing an unprecedented competing situation with teams always operating the same games. Which Valve criterion for reworks is uncertain, however, less popular charts generally spin quicker than those games choose.

We now understand that Cache is finished and that supporters can see its refurbished variant at an ESL One show in New York on September 29. Event participants can also pass the chart on the same day.

Despite the project planned for 29 Sept., Valve still needs to report when Cache returns to the effective image field.