Here’s the top 5 best places to land in Fortnite season 10

The Fortnite Map is constantly changing and Epic Games is updating the match several occasions a year and the Fortnite Meta is constantly evolving. In addition to the match meta, the success of certain fall zones can be dramatic for fresh fields created or for modifications in current fields.

We have included a list of our 5 greatest locations to land in Fortnite in season 10 in order of loot, product accessibility, ease of use and notoriety.


Area of Pandora in Fortnite A fresh chapter called Pandora is introduced with the latest Mediterranean ##eye update on the Fortnite map. The region emerges from an intersection with the famous Borderlands post-apocalyptic match series and is a huge fall for a few purposes. First of all, every participant in Pandora’s bubble will consistently have automatic guards. This implies you can simply conceal until your shield is fully recovered if you get fired.

You know, because of this, that players with one shot can not be eliminated and you must schedule appropriately. Moreover, a complete four-player team always offers more than enough loot. A tight vending machine is also located next to the big soda-canning sculpture between Pandora and Lucky Landing. If the aircraft route of the battle bus passes Pandora it is generally a warm spot, an excellent spot to live.

The many elevated floor places (hills, John Wick’s House, Apartment) are still my favourite destination. PALMS Paradise Palms in Fortnite Paradise Palms remains to be my favourite starting point for a few purposes: Moreover, since Paradise palms are very near Pandora, you can stay in the Pandora bubble before going into Paradise palms until your shield is filled.

Tip: Have individuals pushed to the edge of the flats to get a definite perspective of Paradise in its entirety. Particularly when several teams fight below, with the 1st shot precision on the console it is simple to rain bullets.

Since I began to play in Forteznite, Pleasant Park has always been my favourite destination since I first began playing in Fortnite.


Paradise Palms in Fortnite

Paradise Palms continues to be my favourite landing spot for a few reasons:

  • There are 4 vending machine spawns
  • There are multiple rift spawns
  • Multiple high-ground drop locations surround the area
  • Plenty of loot for squads
  • Plenty of materials to farm
  • Often a hot drop


Pleasant Park Area in Fortnite

Since the first time I started playing Fortnite, Pleasant Park has always been a favorite drop of mine.


  • 2 vending machine spawns
  • Easy bail out options
  • Lots of materials
  • Plenty of chest spawns
  • Hot drop

Hot fall Pleasant Park has a bunch of loots for teams, including two seller’s spawns. In addition, rift spawning takes place a little south of the metal burger base in the vicinity. Pleasant Park is a go-to drop zone for a number of Fortnite players, with a number of barriers and plants for fast foods. As far as movement is concerned, if the rifts do not brew, the car to the south will have floorboards just before the steel pie chair mountain. In Stage 10, teams can use the floating panels to get to Loot Lake rapidly and turn to the next area by using the continuous gigantic rift.


One of the craziest changes Epic Games’ has ever accomplished is to get disposed of Tilted Towers. Tilted Towers Tower is a very nice place to be. When they switched to Neo Tilted, most players didn’t go to the region and most streamers chose fresh go – to-drop areas.


  • Hot drop
  • High-paced action
  • Vaulted Guns
  • No Building

Tilted Town is now favourite streamers like Nickmercs who have a rapid gun fight over a battle building.* High-Paced action* Vaulted Guns* No building. Players can not create or ruin anything in Tilted Town. In Tilted Town Fortnite is basically a standard royal fight, like PubG, where construction skills are governed and positioned. This is useful in combat mechs (B.R.U.T.E.s) who are able to immediately ruin buildings.

In Tilted Town mechs are helpless and hidden in construction can be preserved.
One of Tilted Town’s greatest stuff is that the Epical Games sometimes permitted vooved arms like the double-barrel shotgun and the chasing rifle for the spawn.


Tour of Fortnite Frosty Flights Areas. Most locations on this roster were warm spots and targeted at individuals who like to start the game. When I began to play I certainly wanted slower falls to get complete shield before I fought. For beginners and individuals who want to kit before opponents, Frosty Flights is a slower fall.


  • More relaxed drop
  • Tons of ammo boxes
  • Lots of loot and chest spawns
  • One vending machine spawn

The surroundings have more than enough eggs for a complete team and are encircled by plenty of forests and stones to cultivate when they leave the region. Ziplines are available to reach Polar Peak or Viking rapidly. Frosty flights will generally be vacant for individuals who favor a slower fall except on the travel route of the combat bus. In the meantime, generally there are only one or two teams.

These are the top five locations for the 10th semester in Fortnite. While this paper was published in team sports, the information for each region are the same irrespective of the sort of match.

What about our suggestions for drop-in areas? Have you had some of your favourite places? In the remarks below, let us and our visitors understand!