Here’s how to unlock the frozen chest in Greasy Grove Fortnite

Fortnite supporters who visit the site that used to be Greasy Grove understand that under a mound of snow there is a frustratingly cold box that seems hard to get at. At last, though, a smart Reddit reader has discovered a manner, and here’s how you can get your fingers on the loot.

After the rain that originated from the cascade in Viking Village beginning in Season 7, Greasy Grove was placed under rain only to be washed over at the iceberg’s door— producing the Frozen Lake.

The landscape is now completely coated by snow, located southeast of Tilted Town, producing a glacier-Esque atmosphere for the formerly famous POI.

Greasy Grove is now coated with snow, but on some backs, you can still get your fingers. Credit: Epic Games More lately, a Rift Beacon has been found on the bottom of Frozen Lake, indicating that imminent chart modifications are inbound, as well as indicating that a thawed-out Greasy Grove might appear.

However, an eagle-eyed reporter running through the pseudonym ‘ Doughboy Luke’ has explained precisely how to obtain loot from the cold box placed under Frozen Lake.

Making wise use of an in-game experiment where participants can crack the ground under the torso to release the competition of the torso, Doughboy begins by stating: “I think if we can change the cabinet now that you can touch the ground?”Read more: Fortnite Season 10 places with the most box spawns He then continues to crush the ground below the cabinet (through the snow panel), to discover the loot inside the cabinet — all shown on the Fortnite Competitive subreddit in his article.

Epic has not yet been found out if this is an in-game mechanic, but with his prior limited entry, the cold box might be a fresh place for participants to switch to when they want looting.

What’s your thinking? Given Epic’s prior commitment to detail, is there some concealed significance behind this fresh enterprise? Or could this be just a bug before the map modifications to the adjacent infrastructure are made by the Rift Beacons?