Fortnite’s Darkfire bundle set to arrive this Novemeber, leaked skins, weapons and price

For those that dwell upon the Fortnite Island, it’s highly important that you look on point as you a) pick off a Newbie with a Legendary Degale or b) scream blue murder when a “Noob skin” wearing Noob takes you down with a green pump and obviously lag!  Now you’ll be looking very special with the Fortnite: the Darkfire Bundle which drops on 5 November 2019 thanks to a very new retail collaboration between Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Epic Games.

Three legendary Outfits, three legendary Back Blings, three rare Dual-Wielding Pickaxes, three epic wraps and the Emote. The Fortnite: Darkfire Bundle includes 13 new items. An MSRP of 29.99 $will be provided in the retail version and it will contain $80 of content!

Players can purchase Fortnite: the Dark Fire package and digital download through the in-game and the first-party digital markets. The Xbox One series of phones, including Xbox One X, will be picked-up by PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

Watch the leaked items, skins and weapons from HYPEX: