Twitch Named National Women’s Hockey League’s Exclusive Streaming Partner

Twitch was appointed the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL)’s exclusive streaming partner. Twitch will broadcast the entire NWHL normal league, Isobel Cup Playoff and unique occasion matches for the next three years starting October 5.

In accordance with a declaration, Twitch will work with NWHL to generate’ creative material’ intended to enhance the “profound link” between NWHL teams and their supporters. Furthermore, Twitch will assist to provide “fresh possibilities for fans to engage” in the live match watching environment.

“Every NWHL match on Twitch will feature live recordings, allowing us to promote and build on our society as amateur hockey is first introduced to a fresh crowd,” NWHL Commissioner Dani Rylan stated in the statement. “Twitch’s website also allows our supporters and competitors to cooperate for their sighting knowledge.” NWHL is first paid for broadcasting in this collaboration. The revenues generated by the exclusive Twitch streaming contract will be 50/50.

Amazon-owned Twitch has extended its programming portfolio in latest years to cover, amongst other things, the subjects of entertainment, art, exercise, dance and traditional athletics.

A number of agreements have been reached between Twitch and the NBA G League, NFL, A.A.Lucha Libre Worldwide and the Stadium Sports Network since 2017 to stream traditional sports activities.

As the firm extends its range of traditional vertical sporting services globally, Jane Weedon, Head of the New Verticals at Twitch called the relationship with NWHL “ideal,” a declaration.