Ninja talks with fans who want him to stream Fortnite instead of WoW Classic

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has taken a humorous jab at supporters who moan about playing WoW Classic instead of Fortnite by the famous streamer.

While acting as a media reporter, at the cost of his critics, Ninja, who behaved as if commenting from a helicopter, had some fun.

“As you can see, we have a bunch of weird 12-year-olds just wondering why he’s not playing   Fortnite,” Ninja said. “As if they ‘re being forced to watch him play   World of Warcraft. It’s just a disturbance down here, Jordan. “Tim” TimTheTatman “Betar, who played WoW with Ninja, elicited a large laugh from the screen. Recently, Tim and Ninja started playing WoW Classic after streaming Fortnite for the previous year or so almost solely.

The streamers had been vocal about their disappointment with Fortnite before the release of WoW Classic, which resulted from the inclusion of mechs and a short turbo-building nerf.