Famous Fortnite leaker banned from Twitter

Maybe the most popular leaker from Fortnite, HYPEX, was suspended on Twitter.

We often rely on HYPEX to offer us all the information contained in the Fortnite files about the upcoming content with every significant overhaul of Fortnite.

However, all of this seems to be coming to an end when supporters found out that their profile is stopped on September 5 because Twitter laws had been violated.

It seemed to come without notice that the prohibition originated from someone who reported him and said that he was a fake donor according to HYPEX’s alt report.
“Well so, my principal @HYPEX account has been stopped with 200k supporters because a man abuses the reported scheme and says that I fake a gift, but when @Twitter Support reviews my DMs they will see that I’m DMed every contestant every time!”

A Youtuber with more than 13,000 Harley viewers announced that they had been stopping their donation because of HYPEX.


“Guys I have decided to take down my giveaway for now,” said Harley. TJCobainx and HYPEX just were stopped and I don’t want it to happen to me. At the time of the prohibition, HYPEX was closing on 200, 000 Twitter followers and made him a popular leaker on the platform easily. “I don’t understand what is occurring but everyone has suspended it.

The famous FNBRLeaks website was instructed by Epic Games to delete their profile in December 2018, but this is not the first time that leavers have been in difficulty on Twitter. The account is still working, so some kind of agreement looks to have been achieved.

EsportsJunkie.com will fill you in to date once further information about the HYPEX ban is accessible and his account is restored if there is a possibility.