TFT: Why doesn’t update 9.17b release this week?

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) has been receiving regular updates since its release, but this seems to slow down as Riot allows the meta to fit in.

The objective for Riot Games was to promote the fresh auto-battler game with updates on a frequent cadence when TFT, aka Teamfight Tactics, first introduced. The approach was to issue a significant addition to the game with the frequently planned Legends League patch containing bigger modifications such as fresh champions, items or characteristics. The week-to-week update would concentrate more on adjusting the balance and fixing bugs.

These daily updates have been considered essential since TFT is still technically in beta. But while some kinks and bugs still need to be worked out, at this stage TFT is mainly a sleek item. Of course, a spectate method (which is essential to professional competitions) is still lacking and there are still problems with matchmaking in the match, but the match is still pleasant in its present state.

Riot slows down their patch process with the most significant problems solved. The group intends to “let the meta evolve,” according to TFT brand leader Richard Henkel. This should result in a less frenzied gameplay session as Riot’s buffs and nerves will not change the meta every week.

It seems that Riot is happy with the present state of the match, as far as winner and group comp balance is concerned, and will let situations work out as they are for next week. They’re trying to let the society do its job instead of requiring a shift to the meta through nerves and buffs.

Unfortunately, this implies that Evelynn and demon comps are probable to dominate the match at least another week. Personally, as it leaves stuff feeling new, I am a supporter of daily shirts. Two decades of seeing everybody start to get old and dull for the same squad comp. For overpowered and underpowered squad comps, the b-side updates permitted needed changes.

Despite the timetable shift, it still seems that Riot is all right to issue warm pads, as Pantheon has shown. Last week, with patch 9.17, the “Unbreakable Spear” was introduced to TFT and was immediately considered overpowered, so Riot released a fast hotfix that nerfed some of his skills.

If you invite me, he’s still a little powerful, but it’s nice to see that if something is blatantly crushed or overpowered, Riot is at least still prepared to behave rapidly.