Lothar has flawless TFT game during Twitch stream

G2 Esports ‘ Jakub “Lothar” Szygulski had a perfect game during today’s Twitch Rivals to ensure a round three win and $500: Teamfight Tactics Showdown, (TFT.)

During the final round of today’s Twitch Rivals competition, the streamer received a perfect game using Dragons, Knights, and Shapeshifters, with a tier-three Shyvana guiding the charge.

The professional player from Hearthstone fitted his three-star Shyvana with a Guardian Angel, Rageblade from Guinsoo, and a Statikk Shiv to offer her all the velocity she required to strike. This assured her rapid conversion into a fire-breathing dragon capable of demolishing enemy units.

In the final round, Shyvana handled over 5,000 damage. Lothar’s Gnar arrived with about 2,200 damage in a remote second.

The opponent of Lothar, who held on to a measly 10 life before being eliminated, was running a comp of the Void Assassin that couldn’t just kill the dragon.

With Shapeshifters, Lothar was unbelievably successful.┬áThe last patch of Teamfight Tactics buffed the school by creating transformation simpler for them. The complete mana for transforming Shyvana fell from 100 to 85, while Gnar’s came from 125 to 100.

Twitch Rivals: The third and ultimate round of Teamfight Tactics. DeliciousMilkFF and jac0b0 are the frontrunners of the competition. The event pit 32 streamers to play at TwitchCon 2019 for a $50,000 award pool and a place.

Tune in to the stream of Twitch Rivals to view the final of the tournament.