Best TFT Team Comps 9.17

9.17 is another important patch that creates a fresh field with a few modifications. The meta is well grown and the play looks like it’s in a nice location with lots of workable comps. Maybe rulers were shattered, but now they are stuffed and with killers coming back it looks like a number of comps will all be at the same level A wavelength.

Here are some of the key stuff you can understand:

  • Pantheon allows for more choices for guards and dragon comps. Although it is an iconic device that makes it unlikely to be playable and not a staple for any component, individuals, particularly Asolo, will value other dragons more. Watch for some elderly squads such as Dragon Defenders to recover.
  • Nobles ‘ strength is still high. Don’t let your nerves stop you, but don’t bet on them on your farm. Other supporters are also able to win end-game duels and get the first position.
  • Rangers and elementalists had a little more powerful early match due to the nerves of other comps. People realize that Brand is really powerful with demon synergy.
  • Assassins have made a lot of change to empower some of their greatest supporters, such as Ninja Elementalists and Ninja Assassins.
  • We’ll keep an eye on form shifter comps. There are a strong opportunity comps such as dragon defenders can move to 6 farmworkers and tough guards.
  • This week there aren’t many fresh comps, but the ancient ones we’ll go over are refined. Make sure you are updated on the computer page of our TFT squad.

Make sure to bookmark our website for our TFT champion level list and all TFT products that are suggested for all competitors. Here, as in this paper, we also have a TFT items level list.

We assess compositions depending on 3 main variables: coherence: how well does that comp computer execute from match to match and how can you construct in a sensible starting point? TFT Tierslist banner comps paper

Method for TFT

Overall strength: If you complete the comp successfully, how do you match other comps, particularly the most common in the meta?

Flexibility: Can you adjust and change the comp during activities in the match? These events include good luck, good luck and units from the enemy.

Combining these three variables, we can describe group members as S, A and B. Composition. Those who both have will lean towards S, those who are fairly nice but are not able to move towards B in certain fields.

Best TFT Comps Patch 9.17

The Top TFT team is computing the current patch without any additional information.

1. Vacuum assassins: S-tier assassins

from the depiction of the Void Team: great cries and lots of real harm render this comp powerful against all. You’ll be in a decent situation for finishing 1 or 2 in the match, if you can reach your rolls.

When to do:

Firstly, an early ghost blade of Youmuu needs to be committed. You understand it’s time to do this comp, if you begin having a bunch of fucks.


Early game: You look for a void, brawlers and early game murderers. The good product carriers Zed and Kassadin produce because they can be replaced.

Mid game: this is the stage your companion is coming online. Play Zed until you can substitute Akali for him.


  • You can use Zed until you can upgrade to Akali because it carries early games for good transport.
  • Recall that Kassadin is a wonderful placeholder and has a very strong murderer in the early match if you find it hard to get all the empty units.
  • Remember this is the right way to work, but don’t be scared to practice yourself, you’re able to get 6 murderers by level 7, and you have many choices.

Great items ideal for carries TFT:

  1. Cho’Gath (carry #1): Morellonomicon, Guardian Angel
  2. Akali (carry #2): Dragon’s Claw, Hextech Gunblade, Guardian Angel
  3. Rek’Sai (carry #3): Youmuu’s Ghostblade, Dragon’s Claw, Warmog’s Armor


Early Game:  Focus on early collection of voids and demons. Until you get Brand you can use Varus for demon buff.

Mid-match: Varus 2 playing, Ahri or TF instead of Aurelion Sol, and you’re going to get a Brand 2.
Tipps: Evelynn, Cho’Gath, and Brand, all depending on your products can be excellent transports. Make sure that you wisely choose which products you are getting.

Ninja Elementalist: A-tier Patch 9.17 (B to A):

This comp will reach A level, as anticipated, and assassin buffs really assist.

Description of the team: elementalists and ninjas share units and really tough midgame boost. You will both have a strong front line for enemy attention and nearly unequalled mid-game harm.

When to do: whenever you want. This comp is very simple to force because 3 stars or particular objects are not required, but it advantages considerably if you can get them.


Early game: In early match, you can do whatever you want. Whether this is an early synergy like noble OR just solid 2 starships, but your objective is to begin playing elementals at the centre of the play. This building is extremely unconventional and not as simple to remove.

Mid-game: search for a brand and add 3 elementals with any 2-star units you have.

General tips:*

If in the soon carousels you see a Brand, take it because the three elementals are going to bear it early and the middle game, even at a 1 star.

Make as many Zeke’s heralds as possible and line up your units.

Ideal carries parts:

1. Akali: Hextech Gunblade

2: Dragon’s Claw, Phantom Dancer. Akali: The Guardian Angel Morelonomicon

This guide is regularly being updated.