All you need to know about the $250k 2019 PUBG Mobile Star Challenge

The $250k 2019 PUBG Mobile Star Challenge (PMSC) grand finals will be hosted on Sept. 7 and 8 at the Taipei Heping Basketball Stadium. Sixteen top gaming developers from around the globe have teamed up with 16 top professional PUBG Mobile teams. The tournament’s award pool is $250,000.

Initially, 32 content authors were chosen from around the globe. But the top 16 authors with the most points progressed to the finals in Taipei after a vote meeting on the official PMSC portal in the first week of July. Players can still vote on the PMSC page for their favourite content creator. The designer at the national finals will be awarded with the most common award with the most entries on Sept. 8.

The PMSC line-ups are:

  1. Xinxuan and Nova Monster Shield
  2. Nikitanga and Nova Esports
  3. ARXY and Team Unique
  4. Alice and Team Secret
  5. Garebooo and Team IND
  6. Bulshark and Evos Esports
  7. The Rawknee and Team Soul
  8. Tsulin and SCARZ Black
  9. Kronten and Elite Gaming
  10. Rollexxx and Spacestation Gaming
  11. DITA and Bigetron Esports
  12. Mitchel and ARG
  13. Dynamo and Sixty Nine Team
  14. KISIL and GC Busan
  15. Kenboo and RRQ Athena
  16. K7 and Brazilian Killers

In relation to the grand finals, all players travelled to Taipei last month to shoot for an exclusive mini-series on YouTube where designers and professional teams faced various difficulties. So far there have been published five episodes of the mini-series and the final one in which content designers engage in one final training game. Tomorrow’s going to be out.

The tournament will be presented by Google Play and will only be broadcast live on YouTube from 11 am CT on Sept. 7 and 8. Wolfy, ChuChu, Powerbang, and Dontra are the commentators for the English stream. Besides English, on Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Indonesian, Japanese, Hindi, and Chinese, the game will also be live-streamed. Also, if they view the stream live, players were offered distinctive in-game benefits. Your PUBG Mobile account must be linked to YouTube to receive these donations.

No formal tournament timetable has yet been published. We do understand, though, that on the first day four games will be played. The first game will be in Sanhok, Miramar’s second, Vikendi’s third, and Erangel’s ultimate game will be performed.

The same stream of games will probably also be pursued on the second day. On the grounds of their positioning and kill scores, teams will be evaluated.

The competition winner is going to run back with $100,000 while the runners-up is going to get $50,000. The third-placed squad is going to receive $25,000.