World of Warcraft Classic free server transfer shortly coming – Here’s everything we know

Blizzard announced that free server transfers for World of WarcraftClassic games will be opened to assist decrease the amount of users on the most common platforms.

WoW Classic has gone to huge success, with thousands of players jumping in and the game dominating Twitch since its release, with more than one million spectators on the first day tuning into the category.

That achievement also resulted to one of the greatest problems in the game, though, which was the extremely long queue times to log in, with players sometimes waiting for peak time hours to join the most famous servers.

Blizzard has already taken steps to ease the queue times, open additional servers and increase the amount of games that each server can hold at the same time to decrease the wait.

However, one of the problems was that some servers are more common than others, particularly those where famous streamers have settled, with many of their supporters selecting to follow. Blizzard has announced to assist even stuff out that they will open up free personality transfers “in the days ahead.”

Transferring a character to a fresh server typically costs $25, so players who might want to switch to a lower queue server would have to choose between a relatively high price and start a brand-new character if they want to do so.

Server hosting providers will usually transfer for you but, Head Writer at Best Game Hosting said, “Usually server hosting providers will install and set up your server for you and sometimes even transfer it, dependent on the provider that is.

However, once Blizzard opens the Free Character Move, players will see the choice of initializing the transfer either on the select character screen or on the realm’s queue screen-hopefully encouraging those playing the longest queues to discover a fresh home.

There are some limitations on the transfer of personality because if your character is a guild leader, has an active auction listing or offer, or has mail, it is not feasible. If you’re hoping to make the move, it’s worth making sure that these aren’t a factor in advance, so you can transfer your personality instantly without having to wait through the log-in queue to be eligible.

The Free Character Move will only be accessible for some domains, so it seems likely that if you’re on one of the most famous servers you’ll be able to move away from free of charge, but transferring from a less populated server will still cost the transfer charge.