Solo suggests adjustments to the Dota 2 list of Virtus Pro

Alexey “Solo” Berezin has been with Virtus Pro since 2016, one of four Virtus Pro Dota 2 players. But, if what the former aid player said is accurate, it feels like the CIS juggernaut is about to undergo its first significant shift of membership.

“This year, Virtus Pro’s structure will alter a lot,” Solo said. “I’m going back to team captain’s message and declaring with all responsibility — we’re going to get even closer. We already understand the path we want to take, but we’re not going to make high-profile announcements about new players right now, please be patient.

“VP has been one of Dota 2’s most dominant teams over the past season, but things didn’t look nice towards the end of the year, leading to a disappointing departure at The International 2019.

One of the post-TI9 shuffle’s greatest subjects was if VP is effectively going to create a shift. Since the signing three years earlier of the nucleus of Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev, Vladimir “No[o]ne” Minenko, Pavel “9pasha” Khvastunov, and Solo, VP has done well.

They are always in discussion for the world’s greatest squad and seem to be playing well against other top teams, but they can never get over the TI hump. At an International, the organisation has never completed greater than third, and the 10th-place entry this year really hurt because Royal Never Give Up, a squad they’ve defeated before, swept them.

That departure notified the whole list. It seems that Solo is conscious of the horizon’s prospective shake-up and has moved to the position that RAMZES serves this season as team captain.

Since Solo walked back into the captain’s position, RAMZES could be on his way out of the gate. But it seems unlikely since he’s such a skilled, youthful player. If the squad tries to restore, it would be a secure bet to keep youthful players like RAMZES and No[o]ne along with Solo.

But there have begun to circulate rumours of RAMZES leaving the squad to join Evil Geniuses. Reddit user madibariddim, usually only active in the offseason of Dota, claims to replace Gustav “s4” Magnusson as the three of the team.

Abed Yusop has just been released from Fnatic and the user of Reddit says that Syed “SumaiL” Hassan will quit EG and be substituted by Abed. The customer also said SumaiL is going to play with Hassan, his sister Yawar “YawaR,” who is on a steadily falling apart Newbee list.

Despite the inevitable modifications to VP, Solo made sure to mention the goodness of the last three years.

“Thank you very much to everyone who follows our squad, who at the moment of ups and downs promotes and shouts for us,” Solo said. “We have united a lot of individuals under our flags over these three years, and the VP family is really powerful and enormous.” Another massive organisation seems prepared to undergo adjustments as the Dota Pro Circuit arms race remains for 2019-2020.