Nintendo Direct introduces new features and introduces Pokémon Sword and Shield

The new information about Pokémon Sword and Shieldand has just been published by Nintendo and we can hardly keep it up.

The direct started with a display of some new areas in the game, as well as unknown Pokémon before Nintendo disclosed the game’s complete customization possibilities.

The second feature to be revealed is called the Pokémon Camp, a feature that can be used by all trainers anywhere to play with and improve your Pokémon in fight. If the Wild Area camp is used, you can also check other Camps participants. The third and a little bit of a weirder function is the capacity to produce various curry kinds.

We’ve finally got two new Pokémon. One of these is Cormorant, a Pokémon bluebird that is a water-type gull fighting its prey.

The other is the Polteageist Tea Pokémon, shown off during the section Curry.

However, apart from that information, we didn’t have any more new Pokémon to look forward to some leaks. We also discovered out you’re going to need Nintendo Switch Online to play online with buddies, but that was a granted considering how the Nintendo Switch operates.