How to discover Fortnite’s secret Season 10, Week 6 Battle Star

The sixth week of Fortnite Season 10 is here, meaning that the Epic Games have concealed another Battle Star to be found by players.

Week 6 began the v10.20 Content Update, which went live Tuesday, September 3rd and introduced the brand new Zapper Trap item and returned two of Motel and Floating Island’s most popular venues.

As always, weeks 6 also include a new collection of Missions that will allow teams to access a brand new loading screen as well as the secret Battle Star.

Fortnite teams will have to finish three tasks this week in order to take on the 6th Battle Star, and they will then award you with a charging panel that demonstrates the floating island floating omnipresently across fatal areas.

The park is where you have to go this week. The picture is a Battle Star, which marks the precise place where you have to move to if your free Battle Pass level is to be collected.

You are allowed to see the lake behind the blue barn on Fatal Fields in the charging box, in the south-east of the solitary building, which lies on the spot.

There are some unique objects on the deck, such as a warmer fluid, but especially the concealed Battle Star, which participants just have to wander around and communicate with after three Week 6 tasks are complete.

Remember that before you can find the hidden Battle Star, you must finish three of the Fortnite Season 10, Week 6 Missions so don’t stick to Fatal Fields waiting for it if you’re still 3 problems.