Fortnite may have accidentally leaked the Fortnite x IT Chapter 2

A leaked partnership now appears to be almost verified between Fortnite and the movie It Chapter Two (Fortnite x IT.)

Players discovered a red balloon this afternoon at Pleasant Park. You can hear the noise of Pennywise’s terrifying clown laughing when it comes up, just like in the first It movie.

That’s probably no coincidence. Usually, Epic Games teases partnerships between Fortnite and other pop culture items through in-game teasers, such as the Mega Mall portals when cooperation with Stranger Things was about to be unveiled in early July.

This red balloon is the one hidden in the game files from Fortnite data miners after last week’s v10.20 update. They also discovered Pennywise’s laugh along with it, which was sufficiently suggest to players that this collaboration will occur.
But Epic Games still has to announce how in Fortnite this mashup will be.

The company’s many partnerships with third parties this year went in distinct ways, but players can expect to get character skins for V-Bucks at least in the Item Shop. Since the red ballon, one of Its signature elements, is already in the match, Epic may also alter some regions of the map to render them brighter and in line with the movie’s tone.

If that occurs, the most probable location to experience these alterations is Pleasant Park.

Data miners have so far been unable to discover indications of challenges or skins. And due to the lack of new files being added to Fortnite after yesterday’s v10.20 Content Update, they are likely to have to wait until next week to discover out more about this stated cooperation with it.

We still have a lot to learn about this fascinating red balloon, but it’s enough to verify that the collaboration between Fortnitex It Chapter Two is genuine.