Competitive Season 18 Overwatch is back in action

On August 31st the development developer permanently expanded the role queue beta period until the bugs were resolved after problems in the launch of Overwatch’s competition league 18.

Overwatch developers had initially asserted to delay the launch of the 18th season to “soon next week,” but nowadays around 6.00pm CT is accessible.

The initial shipping deadline for season 18 was August 31 after the end of the Role Quee Beta Season. The semester was starting as anticipated but within one hour, top teams recorded being placed far below the usual rankings. Overwatch developers closed down fashion rapidly and expanded the Role Queue Beta period.

Today, at approximately 6.00pm CT, teams started posting on social media and videos during Season 18. The formal Blizzard Forums posted an overhaul after the summer.

In this summer of competitive overview, competitors will be accustomed to many modifications. The Role Queue Beta Season provided participants with the chance to explore the roles that will be activated for the first moment in the 18th series. Role queue in Quick Play mode is now accessible as well. The “Quick Play Classic” game segment is now in a version without roles queue slots.

Currently, Season 18 is accessible on live Overwatch servers. There were no designers updates on which bugs caused the semester 18 to stop on 31 August or what measures were made to fix the problems. The Overwatch 18 series will last another 57 days, depending on existing computers.