A Fortnite target-bot hacker eliminates famous player Tfue

Fortnite pro player Turner “Tfue” Tenney is good at the world-class game, however. not as good as we thought when he was beaten by a hacker.

A gamer obviously that used an aim-bot demonstrated that Tfue performed live last evening. He walked around Dusty Depot when a competitor struck him in a line before he could respond. Two of the four stakes were in Tfue’s face, and his opponent’s long-range precision created Tfue think he was pretending.

Tfue began spectating that user, and the series of eliminations they received seemed to be enough evidence of using a targetbot.

“That’s not controller, that’s targetbot,” Tfue told his chat after the player eliminated a second person 73 meters away with three headshots in a row. The cheater proceeded to get another three eliminations with near-impossible headshot accuracy, making Tfue joke by saying that the controller was just someone using goal assist and that Epic should nerf this feature.

But, as Tfue noted, the goal behavior of this player isn’t that of someone using goal assist. To activate goal support, you must target shots constantly to move your crosshair towards your adversary. In this situation, the user merely held his goal and fired, which is a usual goalbot conduct.

Tfue can’t identify the player. This seems to be someone testing a newly acquired targetbot in a smurf account, as the player wasn’t carrying any skins or using special emotions. That match was also a casual Solo play, so at the time, the cheater didn’t try to place in Arena or lie in a personal contest.
Whoever it’s, the biggest Fortnite streamer on Twitch captured them playing on camera, and that’s terrible enough if they tried to gamble without being discovered.