This is why the newly added Zapper Trap was removed from Fortnite

The newest item added to Fortnite Battle Royale, the Zapper Trap, has been deleted by the Epic Games and some players will have to feel like Deja Vu.

The fresh trap item was introduced to the famous battle royale match on September 3rd, indicating that all designers tickled, published and deactivated their latest function within 24 hours–something which was a continuous issue throughout Season 10 so far.

Fortnite fans only have to re-establish the original version 10, which was added and partially disabled live on August 20, when Glitched Consumables were all added on the same day.

The Zapper Trap endured the same destiny only two decades later. On 3 September the report was verified by the formal website of Fortnite Twitter, which designers are looking into an issue.

“We momentarily stopped the trap,” they tweeted. “While we are studying the problem that is kicking players from certain games due to the Zapper Trap.

The declaration says the teams find it difficult to keep games, but it is not clear what the game itself is specifically incorrect. However, it was quickly withdrawn.

Epic Games stated that they will keep the online community up-to-date, but the loop has been deleted from publication.

It was basically a magnetic pit that could be tossed onto buildings for those who had not even the opportunity to use the object. Once linked to equipment, it breaks and scares adversary players in the vicinity–and appeared very strong depending on its revelation video, which can be seen below.

When the Zapper Trap can be expected to be restored, that’s a lot to be seen. However, as mentioned previously, further improvements can be expected in the close future.