This is now what CS:GO scammers are now targeting

Valve has over the years launched the Steam platform in a ton and has added a range of characteristics to help the Steam Community engage through the workshop, marketplace, reviews and organizations. Sadly, it also closes the gate to scammers who try to profit with CS: GO scammers returning.

Valve tried to deal with this same issue just a few decades ago by adding constraints and an authorization scheme in the CS: GO, Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 steam workshops.

The concept was to prevent the number of entries of the workshops that promised false skins. Since then, some of those individuals have abused Steam’s review feature for commercial purposes.

CS: GO body scammers are now proposing’ open pets’ in the player evaluation segment for Steam players as indicated this week on Reddit, and then use a sequence of bots to attach “useful” scores to the evaluation in order to increase the number of matches they will see.

Valve has already deleted several of these assessments but has not yet received a formal reply. But we’ll probably know something quickly, as the Steam squad will try to do it again.