Clash Royale adds Miner Draft after season update

Usual surprises are delivered by Supercell after the release of Clash Royale Season 3 so-called “Legendary Update.” There’s something you can do in particular with the launch of the fresh semester. The Legendary Party and Miner Draft Challenge has been introduced by Supercell.

The Miner Draft Challenge will start on 6 September and, like other occurrences, it will be a three-day occurrence. The Legendary Party has been going on since then and only iconic cards + spells have been added to your deck.

You will receive a one-off prize for unique miner Emote at 15 victories and miner’s card at Clash Royale Miner Draft Challenge. You select four cards and obtain your opponent’s 4. The game is very easy. You’re going to have to play a board until there’s a victor. You’ll have three minutes and an additional three minutes to play a sudden death mode.

Remember that if you lose 3 games, you’re out and you have to pay 50 diamonds to keep playing the match from the beginning.

The Miner card reaches the opposing tower straight by moving underneath the floor (appears anywhere in the field) and has a decent hit rate. If correctly used, it can be very hazardous.
This fresh challenge can be discovered under the Events tab of Clash Royale Miner Draft.