The ‘Zapper Trap’ is coming back to Fortnite – here’s everything you need to know

A new Zapper Trap will soon come to Fortnite Battle Royale. All you have to know is here.

The formal confirmation that the Zapper Trap will arrive at Fortnite went through the Battle Royale news panel in-game on Monday, September 2.

Originally leaked a day before by’ FortTory,’ after it was published all the way back in Fortnite Season One, the Zapper Trap will make a return.

Although the Zapper Trap in Season One did not achieve a lot of traction, there were not approximately as many participants as there are at the moment. So, it looks like Epic Games is prepared to bring another chance on the trap.

When will the Zapper Trap come to Fortnite?

There is no published date to add the Zapper Trap to Fortnite at the moment of the publication since it was announced formally.

It will most probably come through the next patch or Content Update, which should arrive on Tuesday, September 3, if Epic Games sticks to their Season 10 timetable.

It should be mentioned, however, that the timetable may alter, so we will wait for an official announcement about the upcoming update before confirming any dates.

Fortnite Zapper Trap

How is the Zapper Trap going to work in the Fortnite?

The Zapper Trap will have an epic rarity, according to the leaks, and can be discovered in chests, ground loot, and other regions around the Fortnite map.
The Zapper Trap can be put on surfaces, walls, and ceilings; however, you may also be prepared to position them on enemy buildings.

We are not precisely sure how the Zapper Traps will work to do harm, but as it is rendered accessible by Epic Games, we will proceed to provide more data.

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