Fortnite: Ninja responds to fans complaining about Fortnite ping

Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins had a few remarks about ping for the players of fortnite who complain about it.

Ninja posted a video on Twitter as Ninja discovered a place to stay in the centre of a match and let the crowd understand his view about the children in Fortnite who complain about ping.

“Listen, every young 13-to 18-year-old who complains about ping and tweets it. The fact that you even have the opportunity to compete online for millions of dollars instead of spending thousands of your own money to go to these places, buy a hotel, pay for your flight and/or gas, not to mention the team pass you usually have to buy, “Ninja said.

The streamer compares the Fortnite Champion Series: Season X to traditional LAN activities, especially those he played in the beginning himself.

The Fornite Championship Series is Epic Games ‘ latest commercial activity. Between 17 August and 15 September, players from around the globe play every night. Players fight in trios throughout the case that needs to remain together.

Depending on the region, the annual Fortnite Champion Series award changes. The largest award in Europe is $96,000 and the smallest is $960, given to players from 31st to 250th. Top players are qualifying for the main case, where the awards go up to $480,000.

Ninja connects his history with Fortnite today as Ninja achieved first renown in Halo as an experienced pro sportsman. He was one of the top players and teams in the game when there was a very different place for the sports industry.

Players only had to endure relative hardships to compete at events, and there were no guarantees paying off around that dedication. It all came down to the results, and if the results weren’t up to par, it would be all the travel and effort for nothing.

“Then you have three days to stay there, guess what? Maybe you won’t even gain. So you’re losing 100 ##k of the cash you’re just spending and then you’re coming home and you’ve got to clarify why you’ve spent two grand for a chance to win cash. In reality, if you’re a 13-year-old trying to convince mama and papa when you stay in New York to let you fly to California, “Ninja proceeded.

It’s a far cry from today’s sports field where major athletes and teams are more typically flew around the globe by promoters and specialist organisations of sports. Players have the opportunity to win prizes in some games, including Fortnite, without even leaving their homes, and even those prizes often dwarf the amounts competed over a decade or more ago.

The ultimate prizes in sports, such as the $30 million prize pool at the Fortnite World Championship, are beyond compare with anything from the past days.

“Please, they got it so good for these kids and they don’t even understand it,” Ninja said.
In reaction, some supporters voiced their dissatisfaction with the stance of Ninja, but several skilled coaches and members of esport agreed with Ninja’s declaration on the issue.