Renegades demolishes FaZe Clan in 2-1 victory

Renegades demolished a fighting FaZe Clan with a 2-1 victory, smashing their CS:GO StarLadder Berlin Major rivals.

Over the years, Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer, the famous FaZe rifler, has accomplished a minimum of playoffs in each major, but his career has come to a stop today. He played with 36 frags in Mirage, but his colleagues in the FaZe Clan struggled to maintain up. After a strenuous regulation, Renegades brought FaZe to overtime. On many times, the FaZe failed to trade, causing Jay “Liazz” Tregillgas to ruin FaZe on the first map in the B-apartments with the as to shut down Renegades ‘ success story.

After defeating Renegades 13-2, in the first quarter, the notoriously hard terrorist part of Nuke was simple for the FaZe. Olofmeister maintained his excellent shape and completed the 19 round match with 18 fragments. From the first match, FaZe taught and performed more vigorously as a group instead of personal weapons. After the fight, the squad kept dominating with a 16-3 victory, matching the score to 1-1. The squad also won the second match.

On map three, after taking an early start on the anti-terrorist part of Vertigo, the FaZe began to dominate Renegades. But, similar to the first map, with a excellent CT aspect of their own, Renegades would bounce back in the morning. While the olofmeister’s heroics persisted, all this would never come to pass after Renegades completed the initial 16-14 map.

During a difficult period for the list, FaZe Clan was eliminated from the StarLadder Berlin Major. Current chief Filip “NEO,” after the Major has concluded, Kubski is almost definitely out of this list.